Kitchen Design

At McGregor Kitchens our designer will help you through every stage of designing your new kitchen. Collen has extensive experience, knows how to get the best out of the space available, and to maximise your budget so you get a kitchen you love.

Here are a few suggestions to help get you thinking about the type of kitchen you want.

Personal Taste

What sort of look appeals to you – whether you want traditional, country-style, modern and sleek, there are endless possibilities. It can be helpful to look at design magazines and books to give you ideas, and of course talk to our designer so she can get a feel for what appeals to you.

Our designer will also discuss colour schemes, whether you’re after a bright and cheerful kitchen, a simple colour scheme, something modern and sophisticated, and design a look that suits your style

Who uses the kitchen?

Is your kitchen the heart of the home or is it used just for preparing meals? Will it be used by one person or is preparing meals more a communal event? Are you catering for a large or small family? Do you mainly prepare meals for yourself, the family or do you do a lot of entertaining? It’s worth thinking about who will be using your kitchen so that you have a kitchen that exactly suits your needs.


Do you require a walk in pantry, or will cupboards suffice? Do you want appliances, such as toasters and kettles, hidden away in cupboards? Do you prefer cupboards or drawers? Do you want a free-standing, under bench or wall oven?

Good storage can make a kitchen easier to work in and our designer can discuss with you how to get the most out of the space available.


There are an almost endless variety of door and bench finishes now available to suit virtually any kitchen style.

So visit our showroom at The Home Ideas Centre, Parnell to see the wide variety of options available.

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